‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ – a famous saying.

‘This is my first step to showcase to the world my journeys in search of the unknown. That unknown which makes me feel at peace with myself, provides me an indomitable spirit to thrust myself in dimensions unexplored, to go places where my heart wanders but my mind doesn’t and helps me breathe in life.

I am a photographer at heart (and a Chemical Engineer by profession) who loves to travel alone as it gives me a chance to explore whatever i want, shed inhibitions related to many aspects of my personality and helps me maintain focus. I love landscapes as I find nature pristine and absolutely pure in its absoluteness. Undiluted from within and impeccably close to us, only hidden by a veil of the unexplored.

I love to travel on a budget and share the details here, so that for people for whom its a dream of going to places they want to but cannot, find a chance to fulfil their dreams and conquer a part of their soul. It also helps me in experiencing a variety of cultures, breathe in some local life, get to know the minds of people and thereby experience ‘travel’ in its true form. I try and help people in whatever I can , with just one expectation – to spread happiness in whatever I indulge in.

I am DEVANSH DHAR (DEVD) and I am a pilgrim of the unknown.