Top 5 tips for staying in hostels

When it comes to traveling, nothing beats the charm of befriending strangers and ending up with a sackful of stories to narrate. And the best place to do so is without a doubt is an HOSTEL ! What makes a hostel so special is the vibe it generates, the essence of freedom and carelessness coupled with the idea of flirtation with the unknown in which we sink in and get carried away. So here are 5 tips which shall make hostel stays a very comfortable and relaxed one.


  1. Read reviews before booking : Its only natural to search for the best value for money hostel, but reading the reviews of the hostels written by boarders who have already stayed in them is really helpful. One gets a very unbiased opinion of the place and can decide accordingly whether to book the place or to keep on searching. It’s also advised to go through traveller’s pictures rather than surfing the photos posted by the hotel management.
  2. Be sure about the location : Hostels can be located in places starting from city center to the outskirts. Where you book is decided by your plans. If viewing the countryside is on your agenda, then definitely a hostel which is located near the countryside is better. However, if its a quick stopover for a night, then a hostel close to the railway station/airport/bus station is better as it shall save you valuable time of transport.
  3. Carry your towels : When it comes to personal hygiene, its best not to take any chances! Better to carry one’s own set of wash and hand towels rather than relying on the provisions by the hostel staff. Some hostels also advise to carry your own linens, so make sure you read exhaustively before choosing your nest!
  4. Carry a bicycle lock : Some hostels provide lockers and cabinets to store your valuables and belongings, but securely stowing your backpacks and suitcases might be a problem! It’s best to carry a self coiling bicycle lock (combination based) for that purpose as you can safely secure your baggages around the legs of the bunk and beds. It really is a small thing but provides tremendous peace of mind !
  5. Keep ready-to-cook meals handy : Most hostels allow the boarders to use the common kitchen space. You can easily use that to cook up breakfast and save a valuable bit rather than splurging it on an over-priced burger. One can also store food in the refrigerator by marking one’s name on it so that no one else confuses it as their own. So keep cooking and ease those hunger pangs without starving ! and are useful when searching for accommodation. Use these extensively to find a hostel of your choice. And if you are a party animal, then many hostels host their own parties on weekends where the booze is given at discounted prices to the boarders. Make sure you know where to satiate your thirst 😉


I hope you find these tips useful. Please feel free to comment below and share your feedback. If you have some more tips, please be generous enough to share them with everyone in the comments section !

Happy stay in hostels!

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