Siddharth Rathi

Fellow photography enthusiast and an avid traveler whose love for photography brought us together in the days when i was just honing my skills with my friend’s DSLR. His camera was one of the major learning equipment in my journey so far. Diametrically opposite opinions on the nature of photography has proved to be the biggest learning factor for me as he makes me realize the significance of  a 3rd eye for completing a picture in totality. His skills for street photography has seen some major development and its a gut feeling that someday this bloke is gonna make his own art form with photography. Thanks Rathi for being through thick and thin and lets continue our post dinner discussions over vodka and beer on the subject of photography. Check out his work at

THANKS – that’s all I can say for you guys. Thanks for tolerating my tantrums, thanks for the unconditional love you showered on me, thanks for being there when i needed you the most, thanks for making me a better person and above everything thanks a lot for believing in me. Without your support and love it would not have been possible to be a better person with each passing day who stays true to his own self. And I try and reflect the same in my work. Let’s keep planning and traveling to relive all those fun filled moments. Love you guys and keep those smile etched on your hearts forever.

Bisho & Mou
Jayasri Basu

A big thanks to the wonderful woman who won me over with her free-spirited outlook and turns out she is an extremely talented professional who excels at what she does. Hours of patient listening and planning has gone behind making this website and it would not have been possible without your help and professionalism in this regard. Wishing you the best from the abysmal depths of my heart for your future endeavors and hope that your start-up sees the light of the day in becoming a full fledged firm.