What to pack for Iceland ?

Packing for the dream trip to Iceland requires some careful homework and research. But you don’t have to invest your time and internet bandwidth for that, because this blog is all you need to refer to for that list !


  1. Waterproof Jacket – It is ABSOLUTELY essential to pack a waterproof jacket for Iceland as there is ample precipitation during any season. From sunny to windy, the frequency of weather change equals that of the trains on the London tube during rush hour ! A waterproof jacket goes a long way in keeping miseries and difficult situations of dealing with heavy wet clothes out of the way. A must when going near waterfalls.
  2. Fleece Jacket – It is advised that clothing should be in layers when dressing up for Icelandic weather. It saves a lot of time and hassle to change from a get-up of an eskimo to that of a summer tourist within minutes. A fleece jacket comes in real handy in all seasons.
  3. Rugged hiking boots – The hiking boots should have some degree of water-resistance as you shall be going near and sometimes behind waterfalls. So its absolutely essential that the boots are rugged and don’t let the water seep in and dampen your socks and spirits. I personally used a Decathlon hiking shoe and it was very comfortable and useful.
  4. Headgear – This serves two purposes – first it keeps your head and ears protected from the bone chilling winds and second. It prevents your hair from dancing all over your face while you are busy photographing or admiring the sceneries.
  5. Sunglasses – Bring at least 3 pairs ! Yes, you do need back-up since there is a high chance that you might lose one to the wind or during a hike or a glacier walk or worse, small stones which get carried away in extremely windy conditions can damage the coating or the glass itself. Pretty extreme … isn’t it ?
  6. Food supplies – You can focus on reading this and then thank me later for having saved you a bunch of hard earned money. Food is expensive not just by Indian but by Global standards in Iceland. So if you can bring in a few big packet of instant noodles or dry fruits, then it shall save you a few minor heart attacks in the supermarkets at least.
  7. Leggings – Well, people mostly focus on keeping their torso warm but its equally important to keep the legs warm. So have thermal or normal leggings and wear them as your second skin. Will save you those chills up the legs.
  8. Moisturizer and lip balm – An obvious and absolute necessity in this cold and windy weather. Especially the lip balm is going to save the ordeal of cracked lips which hurt really bad.
  9. Torch – A torch (preferably a head mounted) is essential because more often than not people find themselves camping or navigating the road after dark. Since there are no lights on the maximum part of the roadways, it is a wise decision to keep a torch handy and charged should any emergency arise.
  10. Extra memory cards – Remember one thing, you need to pack at least 2 extra memory cards because you shall yourself be surprised on the number of photos that shall be clicked any day. Clicking 217 photos in a day is a very normal thing to happen !


So now that you know what to pack for Iceland, just go ahead and prepare that checklist so that you don’t forget anything. Remember, its always best NOT TO rely on memory , but on lists which are written down and can be referred to. Happy packing and have a safe trip !

For travellers who feel I have left out somethings which might be of importance, please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section below. Cheers !

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